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Health, Life, and HIV
When Interventions that "should" work don't work
This presentation uses the case of needle exchange for injection drug users to examine how public health interventions proven effective in one context cannot necessarily be transferred like a technology to another cultural or national setting without consideration of the sociality of drug users and space and place as social products.
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Beyond Condoms...
Creating a gay men's culture of sexual health
How the community can acknowledge the power and complexity of sexual relations while still reducing the risk of AIDS.
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Clean, Sober...
and Medicated?
From painkillers to medical marijuana, HIV meds can pose a tough challenge for people in recovery.
Medication for pain, addiction, anxiety, and even HIV itself could threaten years of sobriety.
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Articles and Research
Selected publications by Richard Elovich on substance use, HIV prevention, and drug treatment.
HIV in Central Asia:

Public Health Aspects of HIV/AIDS in Tajikstan, Uzbekistan, and Kyrgyzstan

Wolfe, D., Elovich, R., Boltaev, A.,  Pulatov, D. In Press 2007. " HIV in Central Asia: Tajikistan, Uzbekistan and Kyrgyzstan." in Public Health Aspects of HIV/AIDS in Developing Countries: Epidemiology, Prevention and Care, edited by C. Beyrer. Baltimore: Johns Hopkins University Press.
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Harm Reduction in Central Asia:

Ailing Public Health Systems Limit Effective Harm Reduction Efforts

Continued failure to build comprehensive public health infrastructures is severely hampering efforts to address growing drug use and HIV/AIDS crises in Central Asia. A look at some of the reasons for this failure and ideas for more effective drug and HIV/AIDS policies in the region.
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Understanding Substance Users:

Effectively Caring for Active Substance Users

For physicians, health care is impeded by a failure to move beyond
evidence of substance use to knowledge of the substance user -- including his or her patterns of use, attendant risk, and functionality.
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Manuals for Working with Drug Users
Stages of Change diagram



Promising practices for engaging drug users effectively:

• Drug Treatment and Rehabilitation Improvement Manual (English) »

• Drug Treatment and Rehabilitation Improvement Manual (Russian) »

• NYAMs Manual for Primary Care Providers »


Harm Reduction Theory:

Who Owns Ecstasy? - Illustration by Andrew SkwishUsers' culture, micro-social indigenous harm reduction, and the self-organization and outside-organizing of users' groups

This paper discusses the user side of harm reduction, focusing to some extent on the early responses to the HIV/AIDS epidemic in each of four sets of localities - New York City, Rotterdam, Buenos Aires, and sites in Central Asia.
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Who Owns Ecstasy?

Who Owns Ecstasy? - Illustration by Andrew SkwishThe Fight Over the Study of MDMA
Experts discuss and debate the drug's possible benefits and neurotoxicity at a conference convened by Marsha Rosenbaum, director of the Lindesmith Center-Drug Policy Foundation.
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Starting Drug Treatment 'Where People Are At'

AcupunctureAcupuncture and Treatment Readiness
Auricular acupuncture, unlike a drug or pill, has a different reality for the drug user and the program.
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Keeping It Real:

Harm Reduction and Street Involved Youth
A low threshold approach to treating drug users that provides a public health alternative to the traditional prohibitive model of drug enforcement.
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From Collective Understanding to Action
The notion of the self-empowered individual has a rich and discursive history in HIV/AIDS circles within the US and around the world.
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